Scream: First Trailer Coming Soon

The length of the video has also already been leaked

by Pierre Lorenz on October 4, 2021

The last "Scream" movie was released almost ten years ago. After creator and director Wes Craven passed away in 2015, it didn't seem like there would be any new content for the franchise. However, a fifth part was only a matter of time in the end, and so the filming of "Scream 5" took place at the end of last year. An insider now seems to have new information about the horror slasher: The Twitter user ViewerAnon, who has already established a reputation for accurate leaks in the past, published some plot details. However, he did keep them spoiler-free: Thus, Dewey and Gale are said to have divorced in the meantime, partly because they disagreed about life in the big city. Meanwhile, Gale has gotten her own TV show, while Dewey has returned to Woodsboro, though is no longer a sheriff. Sidney is a proud mother and is reportedly married to a very special person whose name will no doubt sound familiar to "Scream" fans and cause a lot of discussion. Is this a hint at an appearance by Patrick Dempsey as Mark Kincaid? We will see. 

There is also news about the first trailer, which is supposed to be shown in theaters on October 10 and will have a length of 2 minutes and 21 seconds. To top it off, we now know that the fifth film won't be called "Scream 5" but will simply be titled "Scream", which according to the insider is a dig at other horror movie remakes that use the exact same name as the original. "Scream" is set to hit theaters on January 14, 2022.

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