John Wick 5: There Will Be a Break After John Wick 4

Keanu Reeves drops in on spin-off Ballerina with Ana de Armas

by Tom Hartig on March 15, 2023

With "John Wick: Chapter 4", the next part of the popular action franchise with Keanu Reeves is about to be released and critics are already getting excited. Recently, director Chad Stahelski commented on why "John Wick 5" is unfortunately not on his mind for the time being.

The 54-year-old already has plenty of experience as a stunt coordinator and was the stunt double for Keanu Reeves in "Matrix". With his passion project "John Wick", he then started one of the most popular franchises at present as director together with the cult actor. In the past, Stahelski revealed that he could well imagine 5 or 6 parts in total. Keanu Reeves also said he would love to play the character for as long as he was physically able to. In fact, it was even planned that filming for "John Wick: Chapter 5" would begin right after the conclusion of "John Wick 4".

Unfortunately, this is not going to happen for the time being. Stahelski explained that he needs a break after the latest film and doesn't want to think about a 5th part at the moment - at least not with him as a director. He did not reveal how long this break would last. Fans surely wish for a sequel as soon as possible, but should that really happen at the expense of a director who has been successful thus far?

Meanwhile, there is also good news: Keanu Reeves has confirmed that he will also appear in the spin-off "Ballerina" with Ana de Armas. However, the story revolves primarily around hitwoman Rooney Brown and her revenge on her family's murderers. Besides well-known characters like Winston and Charon, "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus and Gabriel Byrne have already been confirmed as cast members.

Even apart from Part 5, we can expect new additions to the "John Wick" universe: "Ballerina" is expected at around the turn of the year, and the spin-off series "The Continental" with Mel Gibson will be available on Amazon Prime Video sometime in 2023. For now, fans of the main film series can look forward to the theatrical release of "John Wick: Chapter 4" on March 24, 2023.

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