I Am Groot Director Expresses Interest About A Baby Rocket Series

The second season of "I Am Groot" is currently available to watch on Disney+

by Jonas Reichel on September 8, 2023

Following the release of "I Am Groot", a series of short stories starring Baby Groot, director Kirsten Lepore has expressed interest in another spin-off, but with a different Guardian in the spotlight.

"I Am Groot" was distinguished by a short running time and the completely animated style of the individual shorts. The fan favorite, dubbed by Vin Diesel, was certainly the main reason for many people to watch the series. His possible successor, however, could give him a run for his money.

Kirsten Lepore, who directed the first two seasons, showed interest in further stories in an interview with Comicbook.com, but with a different Guardian as the protagonist: we're talking about Rocket Raccoon, who already played a central role in the last "Guardians of the Galaxy 3". This could lead to another spin-off in which the past of the little raccoon is further explored.

Likewise, Lepore noted that basically any hero could succeed in the style of short stories. According to the director, however, Groot was initially the perfect choice for this type of series, as he was fully animated in both the films and the series, and the transitions thus feel very authentic. We're curious to see whether this will work with other Guardians as well.

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