Blade: Reboot Faces Major Setback

Director Bassam Tariq recently left the project

by Pierre Lorenz on September 28, 2022

Many don't necessarily know the 1998 film "Blade" as a Marvel comic adaptation, but the cult flick definitely has many fans even today. When it was announced some time ago that Mahershala Ali would play the role of the half-vampire and vampire hunter in a reboot, some MCU fans did express interest in the rather dark film. 

As The Hollywood Reporter shares, director Bassam Tariq has since departed the project. However, according to both parties, there was no ill will. The reason for the parting is said to be various ongoing changes in the production. The statements from both sides sound pretty amicable. Tariq considers it an honor to have been able to contribute to the project. 

Of course, the MCU executives are now desperately looking for a substitute, after all, the movie's release date is already in just over a year. In addition, the director would first have to get to grips with a semi-finished production that is slowly under pressure. There's not much latitude in the MCU's release calendar as it is, since basically everything builds on each other and hangs together. Journalist Jeff Sneider even believes to have found out that the script so far is a mere 90 pages long and hardly includes any action scenes worth mentioning, which is also said to upset lead actor Ali. Could this mean that there will be some changes regarding Beau DeMayo, the scriptwriter, as well? We wonder. 

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