When will there be a new "Mad Max"?

This is what director George Miller says about the next film

by Pierre Lorenz on July 25, 2019

35 years after his first Indy action hit Mad Max with Mel Gibson, director George Miller gave

his original film a successor in 2015. The project, which cost about 150 million dollars,

earned about 380 million US dollars worldwide at the box office and is also considered by

critics to be a successful action firework. At that time Miller also announced his own Mad

max trilogy with Tom Hardy, but not much has happened since then. In a recently published

interview with IndieWire, Miller explains that they are just about to solve the problems of

the failed production. However, it's pretty clear that a new movie is coming and it is looking

extremely positive.

He hasn't said anything about a more precise date yet, so we'll have to wait a little longer

until we hear more about the sequel of Mad Max.

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