The Tomorrow War: New science fiction blockbuster planned starring Chris Pratt

The project is expected to cost a total of $200 million

by Pierre Lorenz on January 14, 2021

After all the recent postponements of theatrical releases, it seems that we can expect high-profile blockbusters on-demand in the near future, and not just due to Warner's controversial streaming strategy. As Variety reports, the same is the case with the sci-fi adventure "The Tomorrow War" featuring Chris Pratt, as Amazon has shown great interest in the $200 million film and is nearing the conclusion of negotiations. Furthermore, Netflix and Apple have also apparently offered a deal, but Amazon seems to have the lead. The content of "The Tomorrow War" is about a future world in which humanity is on the brink of war with aliens. However, things aren't quite looking good for the earthlings, so all efforts are made to recruit legendary soldiers from the past using time travel technology. The original cinema release was planned for July 22, 2021. Unfortunately, there is currently no information about a potential streaming release.

Image of Deadpool 3, Avengers 5, The Tomorrow War