Black Mirror: A Fantastic Cast for Season 6

Among the cast is Aaron Paul

by Pierre Lorenz on July 14, 2022

"Black Mirror" is certainly one of Netflix's heaviest shows, as the series regularly and relentlessly holds up a mirror to its viewers, in particular when it comes to technology and the media. The special thing about it is that almost every episode is more or less a stand-alone show, which means that the actors change regularly. So far, for example, "Mad Man" actor Jon Hamm, "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" star Anthony Mackie or even occasional actress Miley Cyrus could be seen in various roles. The new season likewise promises a lot of celebrity talent, which should please many fans after a three-year waiting time. Among the actors, for example, is "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul, who is rumored to be featured in a sequel to Season 4's episode "USS Callister". In fact, Paul already appeared in the episode at the very end as the voice of Captain Cole. Thus, it is all the more likely that he will appear in a potential follow-up. In addition, "House of Cards" actress Kate Mara, "Deadpool 2" actress Zazie Beetz as well as "Top Gun: Maverick" actor Danny Ramirez are also part of the cast.

Nothing is yet known about the content of the sixth season, but series creator Charlie Brooker has already stated that he does not rule out sequels based on older "Black Mirror" episodes. When exactly "Black Mirror" Season 6 will be released on Netflix is not known so far.

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