What will happen in the future with "Star Wars"?

New rumors from a trusted source emerged

by Pierre Lorenz on January 8, 2020

With a franchise as large as Star Wars, it is now commonplace that every piece of new

information triggers great emotions in fans. Some people excitedly come up their own

conspiracy theories and speculations, while others are usually skeptical towards new

developments right from the outset.

The site "MakingStarWars" and its operator Jason Ward, who have proven to be quite

trustworthy in the past, have now provided new material for the rumour mill. It is already

known that Lucasfilm wants to introduce a new era in the Star Wars universe. According to

Ward, this will go back about 400 years in time and will start from Episode 1: The phantom

Menace. Also visually a lot is supposed to change, as many viewers complained that

episodes 7- 9 had the rather outdated look of the original trilogy.

In terms of content, the films should also be able to stand for themselves in the future and

will no longer appear only in trilogies. Yet at the same time the films should remain

connected by the common epoch.

This reminds very much of Marvel's "Shared Universe", in which the films coexist perfectly.

Only that Marvel also has the advantage that they can fall back on an almost endless pool of

comic artwork. Will this also work for Star Wars?

Another rumor of Ward is the mysterious project Luminous. Allegedly, several Star Wars

authors are supposed to work on a collaborative story that can be extended to books,

comics, and computer games. In terms of content, the stories are supposed to take place

between 300 and 400 years before the Skywalker saga and are supposed to be very

diversified. In one of the stories a group of Jedi is supposed to go on a journey of discovery

into the dangerous Unknown Regions.

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