Joker 2: Sequel Title Revealed

The filming has now also been given the go-ahead

by Pierre Lorenz on June 8, 2022

With box office takings of over 1 billion US dollars, "Joker" is not only the most profitable R-rated movie, but also among the top 3 most successful DC movies ever. No surprise, then, that immediately thereafter people started demanding a sequel to the movie, which was originally intended to be a standalone hit. Now director Todd Phillips unexpectedly shared a new picture on Instagram, which shows the script for the sequel written by him and his co-writer Scott Silver. Also visible is the first title, and it reveals more than you might first expect. "Folie à Deux" is a French term meaning "madness of two". This describes a mental disorder in which a delusional individual induces his symptoms on a close, initially healthy person. As soon as the two people part ways, one person's mental disorder often disappears. Many see this as an indication that Harley Quinn will play a decisive role in the upcoming "Joker" sequel. However, an appearance by Margot Robbie in her starring role is considered unlikely, since "Joker" is set in a different universe than the "Suicide Squad" films or Harley's solo film "Birds of Prey".

As Deadline reports, the deal with lead actor Joaquin Phoenix is as good as sealed, but after his convincing performance in the first part, anything else would have been a disaster anyways. There is no release date yet, but we will certainly have to wait at least two more years until the movie is released.

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