The Witcher series soon with Vesemir?

This "Star Wars" veteran could be perfect for the role

by Pierre Lorenz on December 30, 2019

Since the release of the first season of the Netflix series The Witcher, everybody is talking about it. But what about a second season? It's clear that there will definitely be one and that the characters in season two will be brought closer together. One character that hasn't been seen so far, but which they just can't get around is Geralt's mentor, namely Vesemir. More than a year ago the question arose who should embody the oldest still living witcher. The undisputed number one on the fans' wish list is definitely Star Wars veteran Mark Hamill, who jokingly said in a Tweet in 2018 that he has no idea who Vesemir is, but that the role should be played by him. The Witcher showrunner Lauren Hissrich then said that this news almost caused her a heart attack in a positive way.

However, what are the chances that Hamill will actually play Vesemir? Probably not so good, because the shooting starts already in spring and so far nobody seems to have officially approached Hamill - but who knows what's happening behind the scenes at the moment. Nevertheless, fans of the actor shouldn't give up hope, because the Witcher series is designed for many seasons and the probability is quite high that Vesemir will show up sooner or later - with or without Mark Hamill.

Image of Mark Hamill in The Witcher Season 2?, Deadpool 3, WandaVision