Disney announces a new edition of Bambi

Will Disney succeed in the field of remakes again?

by Pierre Lorenz on January 26, 2020

Disney wants to make another coup in the field of animated film remakes. After Jon Favreau's extremely successful The Lion King, which has earned a solid 1.6 billion US dollars worldwide, it now seems to be Disney's classic Bambi's turn. However, the production is not really far advanced yet, as authors Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Lindsey Beer are still writing the script. It is not known if the script will be based on the original script, but it is quite likely, since Favreau's The Lion King was also quite close to the original. What is certain, however, is that Disney will again use the same animation technique as in the Jungle Book and The Lion King. But there was not only praise for this, as many fans considered the deceptively real representation of the animals too unemotional and strange.

For Bambi there is no release date fixed yet, but there is one for the upcoming remakes Mulan on March 27th, 2020 and Cruella on May 28th, 2021.

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