Star Trek 4: Theatrical Release Has Been Shelved for the Time Being

The reason is the ongoing struggle to find a director

by Pierre Lorenz on September 29, 2022

Since the release of 2016's "Star Trek Beyond", there have been rumors that an upcoming "Star Trek 4" is in production. This was also confirmed some time later, however, the production of the movie has always been troubled by delays and crew changes. It was only in August that director Matt Shakman departed the project and moved on to Marvel, and now there is even more bad news for "Star Trek" fans. Paramount Pictures has now completely removed the movie from its schedule, putting the project on hold. This is yet another setback for the production, in which J. J. Abrams is one of the people involved. The latter had held out the prospect of a shooting start at the end of 2022 earlier this year, however, back then things were looking very different. Now not only is the project lacking a director, but also a release date. Deadline has learned that the movie will not be cancelled, rather they are still looking for a suitable director. The production of "Star Trek 4" therefore remains interesting. Although the signs are not pointing towards an end of the franchise, what will happen next is still unclear for the time being.

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