The Batman 2: Matt Reeves Reveals Current State of Production

He also talked about the "Penguin" series

by Pierre Lorenz on January 11, 2023

Hardly any other movie in recent years has been the subject of so much discussion about the lead character as "The Batman". Only few could imagine "Twilight" actor Robert Pattinson in the role of the Dark Knight; he was still too much associated with his part in the fantasy saga. However, the blockbuster, which was independent of other DC films, was ultimately convincing and thrilled millions of viewers worldwide.

Ever since CinemaCon 2022, it's been clear that director Matt Reeves is working on a sequel, but since then, more specific info hasn't been made public. Well, that changed this week, as Reeves spoke to Collider last Wednesday about the current production status. After the surprising decisions of the new DC creative direction under James Gunn and Peter Safran, it was also suspected that "The Batman" would be affected in some way. However, that has since proven to be false. Reeves has confirmed that he and his colleague Mattson Tomlin, who was already involved in "The Batman", are currently working on a film. He did not disclose which film is meant, but his statement at CinemaCon and the involvement of Tomlin suggest that it must be "The Batman 2". Since the production is therefore in a relatively early stage, a theatrical release before 2025 is not to be expected. One thing is clear, however: work on the sequel is definitely in progress, which means that filming may start towards the end of the year already.

In the future, "The Batman" universe will be expanded further into other directions, with a series on Colin Farrell's Penguin being released, for example. There are also plans for spin-offs about the Arkham Asylum and the Gotham City Police Department. Especially the series about the Penguin will be heavily linked to "The Batman" and may even lay the groundwork for "The Batman 2" in terms of story. Unfortunately, there are no known release dates for the spin-offs either.

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