Indiana Jones 5 with Harrison Ford?

The release next summer could still fail due to this

by Pierre Lorenz on January 22, 2020

The last Indiana Jones movie was released 12 years ago. For almost as long, there have been speculations about the sequel, Indiana Jones 5. Until now, the film has been postponed again and again for various reasons, either due to the script or because the people in charge preferred to devote themselves to other projects. The release currently planned by Disney is in July 2021, but will everything really work out this time?

David Koepp, who left the project at some point, is now responsible for the content as a screenwriter again. According to his own statement, the script writer of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" has got a really good idea for the script. Cult director Steven Spielberg, who currently has little time away from his post-production project "West Side Story", will then take on the film in the course of the year.

Another important person is the 77-year-old leading actor Harrison Ford, who, after the release of his last film " the Call of the Wild" on February 21, 2020, will have great enthusiasm to once again embody his cult role of Indiana Jones.

So what else could the planned release in the next summer fail? For one thing, screenwriter Koepp must first complete the script with his "good idea" and then convince Disney, director Spielberg and actor Harrison Ford with it. So if the script is right, there is nothing to stop the release. Indiana Jones 5 is scheduled to be released on July 09, 2021.

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