Kill Bill 3 soon? That's what an actress of the first part says

If Tarantino takes on this project, it'll be his last movie

by Pierre Lorenz on July 13, 2020

Almost a year has passed since the release of "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" and fans are slowly asking themselves: with which film will the star director Quentin Tarantino conclude his lifework? The "Kill Bill" actress Vivica A. Fox might have an answer to this question, because the actress of Vernita Green talked about a possible sequel in a recent interview with NME. And even though she herself will probably only be seen in flashbacks, she has a suggestion who could take over the role of her film daughter Nikki, namely "Spider-Man: Homecoming" actress Zendaya. It's still unclear if she can convince Quentin Tarantino with her idea for a sequel, because actress Fox makes no secret that she doesn't refer to official information, but that this is just her own idea for "Kill Bill 3".

How likely the realization of this project is, can't be foreseen yet, but Tarantino already revealed some time ago in the Happy Sad Confused podcast that if he would do a sequel to one of his earlier movies, it would be "Kill Bill 3".

What do you think about the cast with Zendaya as Nikki and Uma Thurman in her starring role as The Bride? Can you imagine exciting fights between the two or do you see someone else in the role of Nikki? Feel free to write it in the comments!

Image of Hopes for Kill Bill Vol. 3