Wakanda series is in the works!

Thus, in addition to "Black Panther 2", further content will be released on Disney+

by Pierre Lorenz on February 2, 2021

There have been many rumors that Marvel will be showing more of the stunning world of Wakanda with the upcoming "Black Panther" sequel. The movie will of course mainly try to move the plot forward, but the Wakanda series that was freshly announced a few days ago could tell much more about the history of the kingdom. Behind the scenes, the "never change a winning team" principle has been applied so far, as Black Panther 1 & 2 director Ryan Coogler will also oversee the Wakanda series. It is even possible that it will not be limited to only one series, as a 5-year deal between Coogler's company Proximity Media and Disney suggests that several series will be developed - so "Wakanda" could be just the beginning. So far, however, there is no news about a release date or its content.

Image of Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage Trailer, Wakanda Series, Cloverfield 2