The Expendables: Could There Be a Fourth Part in the Works After All?

Sylvester Stallone provides surprise update five years after original announcement

by Pierre Lorenz on August 1, 2021

Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone has been in the movie business for an incredible 52 years! In the last ten years, there has been at least one film with his contribution in theaters in almost every year. Not bad for a now 75-year-old, but it seems like the "Rocky" star still hasn't had enough. At the end of July, the actor surprisingly posted a picture with the new ring of the "Expendables" leader Barney Ross, which he himself impersonates. The design is said to be finished so far, which in turn implies that "The Expendables 4", first announced in 2016, is still being worked upon. It is quite possible that Stallone will be celebrating his farewell to the movie business with this film, similar to what he has already done with "Rocky" and "Rambo". Unfortunately, the exact cast of the action blockbuster and the expected release date for "The Expendables 4" have not been announced as of yet. 

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