Turning Red: New Pixar Film Won't Run In Theaters After All

Instead, like "Luca", it is to be released on Disney+ at no extra charge

by Pierre Lorenz on January 9, 2022

On Friday last week, the Disney+ Twitter channel published that the upcoming Pixar movie "Turning Red" will be released on the streaming service only and not in theaters. The reason is likely to be the ongoing pandemic, which makes it difficult for very young viewers in particular to watch the film in movie theaters upon release due to possible restrictions. The plot revolves around 13-year-old girl Mei Lee, who at first glance is nothing more than a normal teenager. She hides her feelings for her crush, is a fan of a rising boy band and of course wants to come across as being cool at all costs. Everyone knows the problem of turning red at awkward moments, but Mei Lee has hit it much harder. Every time other people would get red cheeks, she transforms into a giant red panda. It's a pretty tough fate that she has to learn to deal with. 

Behind the scenes, there is quite a bit of trouble, as a lot of Pixar staff members aren't too fond of Disney's move to skip theaters. Various team members, who of course wish to remain anonymous, are expressing their displeasure and disappointment, as they had all hoped that "Turning Red" would be the great comeback to the big screen. On the other hand, they also show understanding, after all, when it comes to some matters, tough decisions have to be made. Their next hope would be the Pixar film "Lightyear", which is due in June this year. "Turning Red", however, will be released on March 11, 2022 already.

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