Tenet with independent release dates: The USA neglected for the first time

The focus is now on the international market

by Pierre Lorenz on July 27, 2020

As Warner Bros. reported a few days ago, their latest feature film "Tenet" will first be shown in international cinemas before a release in the USA can be considered. A release in 70 countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany is planned for August 26. As we already suspected, "Tenet" will then be released in the USA on September 3rd. This is intended to send out a signal to the world that, if necessary, the continuity of release dates will be waived and that a pragmatic decision will be made depending on the health situation in the country, which is why the USA will be the loser in this regard. By the way, there is no release in China, because the country prohibits the screening of films longer than 2 hours. So "Tenet" with its 2 hours and 20 minutes is out for now. If the Warner Bros. approach succeeds, we can well imagine that the same tactic will also be applied to other releases in the future.

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