Disney with unique sales record!

No one can beat that in the near future

by Pierre Lorenz on January 7, 2020

No one has ever achieved this before: Disney is now officially considered the first Hollywood studio to have made more than 10 billion US dollars in a calendar year. The giant company is thus raising a practically unsurpassable mark, as last year the turnover was about 13 billion US dollars. The surprising part is that the record in this case is not dependent on individual films like Star Wars 9 or Spider Man: Far From Home. Instead, the sales are continuously high - which means that Disney has delivered one hit after another, at least financially. In the following a small TOP 5 of the most successful Disney movies of 2019:

  1. Avengers: Endgame ($2.78 billion)
  2. The Lion King (US$1.66 billion)
  3. Frozen 2 (1.23 billion US dollars)
  4. Captain Marvel ($1.13 billion)
  5. A Toy Story (1.07 billion US dollars)

By the way, the takeover of 20th Century Fox by Disney had no significant impact on sales, as the sales of the two studios were still calculated separately for the calendar year 2019. Starting this year they will be merged, and it is to be expected that not only the Fox takeover, but also the upcoming Marvel films will further increase the sales curve.

Image of Thor 4: Love and Thunder, Avatar 2 First Look, Golden Globes