Guillermo del Toro directs Frankenstein's monster

Tel Toro's last film "Pinoccio" won the Oscar for best animated film

by Jonas Reichel on October 11, 2023

The master of monsters has a new project: After his animated film "Pinoccio," director Guillermo del Toro is now turning his attention to a great classic of horror literature.

Del Toro will return to his roots after his critically acclaimed foray into the stop-motion genre and direct his own vision of Mary Shelley's classic "Frankenstein." The director made the announcement in an interview with Collider. In addition, Del Toro spoke about the cast of his film and announced that with Andrew Garfield, Oscar Issac, "X" star Mia Goth and Christoph Waltz he could already win a number of sought-after actors for his project. Waltz already worked with the director on "Pinoccio" and embodied the character of Count Volpe in the award-winning animated film.

According to initial information, filming is scheduled to begin early next year - although this is likely to depend on how the actors' strike develops in the coming months.

In what form Guillermo del Toro will devote himself to the classic remains uncertain so far. Since he already took some artistic liberties with "Pinnocio," "Frankenstein" is unlikely to be an exact adaptation of the novel.