Taika Waititi soon to become a Star Wars director?

This is how the chances for the Oscar-nominated New Zealander are

by Pierre Lorenz on January 17, 2020

Taika Waititi is best known for his film Thor: Ragnarok and most recently with his six-time Oscar nominated film Jojo Rabbit. He also directed one episode of The Mandalorian and lent his voice to the robot IG-11. The Hollywood Reporter is now speculating that Waititi could also become a Star Wars director in the future. At least that would be an exciting consideration, after all the director is known for his humour and plottwists. If this is just a dream or if he will actually direct a new Star Wars movie is not clear at the moment. One factor that speaks against this is surely his busy schedule. At the moment Waititi is still in postproduction for his new movie Next Goal Wins and will dedicate himself to Thor: Love and Thunder afterwards. After filming Thor the question is whether he will take over a sequel to Akira as already hinted at or start a completely new project. This new project could be Star Wars, however, that's just speculation at the moment.

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