Oppenheimer: New Trailer for Christopher Nolan's New Movie with Cillian Murphy

The movie is about the first atomic bomb

by Tom Hartig on May 8, 2023

The next film from star director Christopher Nolan is eagerly awaited. In "Oppenheimer" everything revolves around the development of the first atomic bomb and the moral conflicts that go along with it. Earlier this week, the new trailer finally came out - and it already shows plenty of tension and atmosphere.

J. Robert Oppenheimer states right at the beginning what it is all about: a race against the Nazis to see who gets the bomb first. To achieve this, he wants to stake everything on one card: The best researchers and technicians in the country are to come together in a secret laboratory to win the race. In order to do so, an entire city must be built from scratch for them and their families. Clearly, there are some concerns, but Oppenheimer makes it clear: "It's a matter of life and death, but I can perform this miracle". Finally, the trailer also points out that with his success, there is now a weapon in the world that can destroy all of humanity.

"Oppenheimer" presents a prominent cast that includes Matt Damon, Florence Pugh, Emily Blunt and Robert Downey Jr, among others. Moreover, stars like Kenneth Branagh, Gary Oldman, Alden Ehrenreich and Rami Malek are also involved. But the spotlight is certainly on leading man and fan favorite Cillian Murphy. According to Christopher Nolan, one of the best moments of his career was when he was able to tell Murphy that he could finally show everyone what he was capable of with the starring role in his film.

This time, by the way, the score is not by Hans Zimmer, but by Ludwig Göransson, who is known for the musical backdrop of "The Mandalorian", for example.

We are absolutely excited to learn what Christopher Nolan makes of the historical topic. After "Tenet" was considered too intellectual for large parts of the audience, his new movie looks above all like great acting work. Cillian Murphy in particular already appears to be a hot contender for the next Academy Awards. "Oppenheimer" opens in theaters on July 21, 2023.