The Flash: Andy Muschietti Presents New Batman Suit

The Instagram post gives rise to many questions

by Pierre Lorenz on September 20, 2021

Although the release of "The Flash" is still more than a year away, we are already being regularly supplied with news on the DC adventure. This was the case last Monday as well, when 48-year-old director Andy Muschietti posted a picture of a red Batman suit without further comment. In the middle can be seen a yellow lightning bolt on the familiar bat symbol. The combination of the two elements naturally raises some questions. Some believe that it heralds Red Death. Others think that the image refers to a plot from the comics, where Barry loses his actual suit and is temporarily given one by Batman. There have been at least a few hints about the latter theory from Muschietti in the past. The only clear thing is that Barry travels to the past according to the comic narrative Flashpoint, and consequently changes the present significantly. Among other things, it might be possible that we will see Ben Affleck's and Michael Keaton's version of Batman. In the leading role, we will definitely see Ezra Miller as the eponymous superhero. "The Flash" will be released in cinemas on November 4, 2022.

Image of The Batman, Fantastic Beasts 3, James Bond: No Time To Die, The Flash