Fortnite: Epic Games Is Considering a Movie Adaptation of the Hit Game

This resulted in the recruitment of a number of new employees

by Pierre Lorenz on October 11, 2021

Just about everyone knows "Fortnite": Some people love it, others… not so much. Nevertheless, everyone agrees that the video game has generated incredible hype. This could now lead to an upcoming "Fortnite" movie. According to reports, game developer Epic Games has already hired three Lucasfilm employees in terms of staff. One of them is Jason McGatlin, who may sound familiar to some as the producer of the more recent "Star Wars" movies. As such, Epic Games could now establish itself in the film industry after Apple has made it difficult for the game developer to achieve further sales success with iOS devices due to Apple preventing users from downloading the game. However, it is hard to say whether it will actually become a movie in the end, although it would hardly surprise anyone. 

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