Ballerina: Will Keanu Reeves Appear in the "John Wick" Spin-Off?

With Ana de Armas in the starring role

by Pierre Lorenz on November 10, 2022

US magazine Collider exclusively reported on the upcoming "Ballerina" film this week. Shooting started earlier this month in the autumnal city of Prague, and it looks like the "John Wick" spin-off will include two key characters from the movie series. In fact, megastar Keanu Reeves will make it a point to play his iconic role as John Wick in the spin-off. How big his part will be is still unclear. However, it will certainly not be so big that he steals the show from leading actress Ana de Armas. 

Apart from him, another famous actor will make an appearance in the series, namely Ian McShane as Continental manager Winston. Other than that, few details are known yet. Ana de Armas will play a young female assassin who seeks revenge for her family. "Underworld" director Len Wiseman is set to direct, with the screenplay coming from "John Wick 3" writer Shay Hatten. A release date for the spin-off has not been announced so far, but at the very least the waiting time until "John Wick: Chapter 4" on March 24, 2023 is kept within reasonable limits. 

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