New footage of " Avatar 2": Jon Landau gives further insights

After a three-month pandemic-related break, things are progressing behind the scenes.

by Pierre Lorenz on June 25, 2020

With a delay of three months James Cameron's "Avatar 2" has finally started shooting again. As before the shooting break, the producers are not stingy with exclusive footage. A few days ago, Jon Landau posted a picture on Instagram showing a so-called underwater performance capture. According to his own statement, it is a picture from last year, but it is still a really interesting shot, which gives us another look behind the scenes of this incredibly elaborately produced film. The picture shows actor Britain Dalton, who will play the son of Jake and Neytiri in "Avatar 2-5".

As already known for quite some time, some scenes of the movie will take place under water. Especially the water creatures of Na'vi, who are nothing else than banshees for underwater, are in the center of attention.

By the way, the fans don't have to worry about the punctual cinema release, because as the "Avatar"-Twitter account once again confirmed, the sequel will be released on time on December 17, 2021.

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