Hellraiser series: This "Halloween" producer is on board

HBO is taking over the horror series

by Pierre Lorenz on April 28, 2020

It was already known last year that a series based around the cult horror movies "Hellraiser" will be created. As the industry magazine Deadline now reports, both a station and a director have been found. In the near future, "Halloween" director David Gordon Green, who will probably direct several episodes of the series, will take a seat on the director's chair.

Another good news follows promptly, as the responsible channel already has some successful series to show, namely HBO. So the "Hellraiser" series joins "Game Of Thrones", "The Wire" and "The Sopranos". Whether it will be as good as the mentioned series remains to be seen. But at least the right conditions seem to exist behind the camera. With David Gordon Green they have engaged a director who also worked on many series before his successful "Halloween" reboot.

However, the creator of "Hellraiser", Clive Barker, seems to be completely uninvolved in the project. In terms of content, the series is not intended to be a reboot or remake of the original 1987 film, but rather to continue and expand the mythology of the series, which comprises ten films. When the Hellraiser series will be released is still uncertain at the moment and unfortunately difficult to predict due to the current situation.

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