Mission Impossible: Part 7 and 8 Postponed Yet Again

You even have to wait two and a half years longer for Part 8

by Pierre Lorenz on January 23, 2022

The past week saw another setback for fans of the "Mission Impossible" series. According to news from the Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has decided to further delay "Mission Impossible 7 & 8". The seventh part, which was planned for this September, will now not be released until July 14, 2023, while "Mission Impossible 8" will even have to be delayed until June 28, 2024. Whether the now almost unbearably long wait will be worth it for fans of the action series remains to be seen. With some spectacular reports about stunts and the return of several actors from the previous installments, such as Henry Czerny as Eugene Kittridge, they are trying to keep the fans in good spirits for the moment. 

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