Cocaine Bear: Fans Turn Movie Poster into Web Phenomenon

A first trailer is already out as well

by Pierre Lorenz on November 30, 2022

Many of you will probably have heard about the upcoming "Cocaine Bear" movie from "21 Jump Street" creators Chris Miller and Phil Lord. First, a bizarre poster started circulating on social media. On it, you can see a black-and-white image of a towering bear covered in a white substance. At first glance, you might think it's snow, but in conjunction with the catchy title "Cocaine Bear", there's no doubt left on what it actually is. In addition, the words "Inspired by true events" attract attention, because in fact a case occurred in the 1980s in which a black bear was found to have consumed several pounds of cocaine after it was thrown from a smuggler's vehicle that was too heavily loaded. So what at first sounds like a crazy writer's fever dream turns out to be a true story that will be humorously brought to the big screen. A first trailer was released this past Wednesday and reveals the film's intentional trash factor. "The Hunger Games" director Elizabeth Banks has taken over the directing, and in the leading roles we can expect to see, among others, "The Americans" stars Margo Martindale and Keri Russell, as well as "Straight Outta Compton" actor O'Shea Jackson Jr. It is also one of the very last movies in which the late Ray Liotta will be featured.

So let's see how the movie will be received by audiences. It will be out in theaters starting February 24, 2023.

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