Hugh Jackman Takes on the Lead Role in "The Death of Robin Hood"

The character is to be portrayed in a dark and raw manner

by Jonas Reichel on May 7, 2024

From Wolverine to Robin Hood: After Errol Flynn and Kevin Costner, among others, Hollywood favorite Hugh Jackman is now also slipping into the role of the iconic character. This time, however, in a completely different version to his predecessors.

As Deadline reports, Jackman will play a new interpretation of the hero in "The Death of Robin Hood", one that has nothing in common with his predecessors. Instead, Hood is portrayed as a loner who struggles with his past after a life of crime and murder. Seriously injured, he puts himself in the care of a mysterious woman - played by Jodie Comer - who offers him a chance at salvation.

Director and screenwriter Michael Sarnoski is excited about the opportunity to direct a significantly more raw and grounded Robin Hood. He promised to put a new spin on the classic story. Can we possibly expect a kind of "Logan" movie in a medieval setting?

Production on "The Death of Robin Hood" is set to begin in February 2025, which means that the film is unlikely to be released in theaters or available for streaming before 2026.

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