Todd McFarlane in dispute with film studio!

What will become of the "Spawn" comics?

by Pierre Lorenz on December 5, 2019

For some time now, Todd McFarlane has been developing a remake of the spawn comics. However, the production is currently on hold due to disagreements over the direction of the film. However, McFarlane seems to think that the whole thing has become too much, because in a conversation with BeTerrific he explains that he has people who would support him financially. In other words, he plays with the idea that he would shoot the film without the studio if in doubt. So it doesn't seem that much has changed since his last interview with ComicBook in May, because even then he declared that his ideas for the film wouldn't please everyone in charge. Moreover, he was not willing to change his original in the way he was asked to. And this despite the fact that the cast with Jamie Foxx as main hero and Jeremy Renner as Detective Twitch Williams was almost certain. The story is about the ex-agent Al Simmons, who is betrayed and killed by the CIA. Thereupon Simmons ends up in hell and negotiates a deal with the demon lord Maleblogia, so that he can see his wife Wanda again. He then returns as spawn gifted with super powers and chooses to help the poor and weak instead of his client from hell. The first film adaptation of the Spawn comic was produced for the cinema in 1997. This resulted in the release of a cartoon series and even a video game in 2003. But neither the movie nor the series and the game was well received by fans and critics.

We are curious when we will see the movie, because if you believe the words of McFarlane, the movie will definitely happen - with or without the studio.

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