The Planned Star Wars Series "Lando" Becomes a Movie

Donald Glover was to direct with his brother

by Jonas Reichel on September 18, 2023

Disney cancels the Lando series: A few months ago, it was announced that the popular gambler would return in his own "Star Wars" series. However, these plans have now been scrapped, because instead of a series, a "Lando" movie is now to be released instead.

Due to the flop of "Solo: A Star Wars Story", many ideas for planned prequels and spin-off films from the "Star Wars" universe were put on hold. This also led to the fact that things got quiet around an own "Lando" adventure with Donald Glover at first. In July of this year, however, the project came back to life, as Lando was to be given his own series instead of a film.

However, these plans seem to be off the table again. As Stephen Glover - who was to direct the series - announced in the podcast Pablo Torre Finds Out, a movie is now planned after all. Whether it will be produced for the big screen or just for the Disney+ streaming service remains unclear. Similarly, there is no information about a release date.

Still, it can be assumed that the Glover brothers will also be responsible for the film and that Donald Glover will once again embody the titular character Lando Calrissian. In another interview with Vulture, Stephen Glover said that Donald had emphasized the importance to him of pushing innovation and not being constricted by the limitations of the studio system. So it seems that they intend to implement their own and particularly creative vision regarding the character with the planned movie.

The Lando project will be part of a whole series of Star Wars films that Disney currently has up its sleeve. In addition to "Star Wars 10: New Jedi Order" with Daisy Ridley as Rey Skywalker, there will also be a film by Taika Waititi, a prequel about the first Jedi by James Mangold and a trilogy by Rian Johnson.

Image of Johnny Depp in Beetlejuice 2, Rambo 6, Trolls 2, Star Wars: Lando Movie