Elle Fanning Joins the Cast of "Predator: Badlands"

A sequel to "Prey" is likewise in development

by Jonas Reichel on June 4, 2024

A new hunt is imminent: this time, the Predator may be targeting Elle Fanning: Based on new information, the actress may be taking on the starring role in "Predator: Badlands".

Earlier this year, it was announced that "Prey" director Dan Trachtenberg would be directing and writing the screenplay for a standalone "Predator" film called "Badlands". Following the worldwide acclaim for "Prey", the new project appears to be a high priority for 20th Century Studios: The search for a suitable cast is in full swing. According to Deadline, the cast is now likely to be led by "Maleficent" star Elle Fanning, who is currently in negotiations with the studio.

The plot of "Badlands" is still being kept under wraps. Insider sources indicate that the sequel "Prey 2" is also still in the works, which could possibly be set in the turmoil of the Second World War. The release plans for "Badlands" and "Prey 2" are currently still unknown, but if production goes smoothly - which is scheduled to begin at the end of this year - "Badlands" could be released as early as next year. However, it remains to be seen whether the decision will again be made to make the movie available via Hulu in the United States.

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