Deadpool Director to Film the Comic Series "Alien Legion"

The science fiction comic was first published by Marvel in 1983

by Jonas Reichel on November 15, 2023

Are we about to get the next big science fiction epic? "Deadpool" director Tim Miller is to direct a film based on the comics "Alien Legion" for Warner Bros.

"Alien Legion" tells the story of an intergalactic military unit - the "Force Nomad" - whose composition is based on the French Foreign Legion and features all kinds of unusual characters. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. was able to secure the rights to the material and has now commissioned Tim Miller to bring the original to life.

Miller has already impressed with extremely successful R-rated films such as "Deadpool" and "Terminator 6: Dark Fate" and is likely to be the right man for the project. Miller has a number of quirky characters at his disposal for his realization, including the serpent-like Captain Sarigar and the four-armed paramedic Meico, who is described in the comics as gentle and kind-hearted. It remains uncertain when the project will go into production.