"Peaky Blinders" Movie with Cillian Murphy!

The series can be watched on Netflix

by Jonas Reichel on March 22, 2024

News from the tranquil city of Birmingham: after things went quiet for a while following the announcement of the 2021 "Peaky Blinders" film, the project is finally moving forward. Author Steven Knight has announced the first details about the plot and the return of the main character.

Knight told BirminghamWorld that Oscar winner Cillian Murphy will once again be seen in his iconic role as Tommy Shelby, who has expressed his enthusiasm for a "Peaky Blinders" film on several occasions in the past.

But there have also been some developments in terms of the plot: the film will be set during the Second World War and will pay particular attention to the younger members of the Shelby family. Duke and Isiah in particular are to play a central role. It seems as if they are preparing for a kind of generational shift. Filming is set to take place in England this year, so a release in 2025 seems possible.

There are also increasing rumors that two "Peaky Blinders" spin-offs are in the works. One is to be set after the events of the main series, while the other is to be a prequel of sorts and shed light on Aunt Polly's past.

Either way, fans should get plenty to enjoy again in the coming years!