It's Christmas Time: James Gunn Plans A "Guardians of the Galaxy" Holiday Special

But Mark Hamill expresses his concerns about this on Twitter

by Pierre Lorenz on April 29, 2021

Work on the upcoming MCU spectacle "Guardians of the Galaxy 3" is in full swing, yet James Gunn didn't miss the chance to hint at a small special for fans on Twitter. So far, only the title "The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special" is known, and the 50-year-old director has not yet commented on the plot. Based on the emojis and theme, it is of course clear that it must be a Christmas special, which is set to release next year. The news didn't just trigger jumps of joy, however, as "Star Wars" legend Mark Hamill commented on Twitter with a wink that he had a bad feeling about the special. Die-hard "Star Wars" fans are of course aware of what he means, as the 69-year-old Hamill starred in the now notorious "Star Wars: Holiday Special" from 1978. Notorious for being so bad that it was cancelled after a short time and internally scrapped. George Lucas also deemed the production atrocious and is probably glad that the "Holiday Special" is hard to find these days and is even considered a collectible among fans.

Regardless, we're looking forward to James Gunn's hopefully totally awesome "Guardians of the Galaxy" Christmas special.

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