Funny fan theory for "Avengers: Endgame"

This is what the scriptwriters say

by Pierre Lorenz on June 13, 2019

The scriptwriters of" Avengers: Endgame" recently commented on one of the funniest but also

most popular theories that circulated before the release of the film. The idea was for Ant

Man to crawl into Thano's butt and then tear it apart by growing up to a gigantic size. The

theory, which is common as "Thanus" in relevant forums, seems to have now also reached the

scriptwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen Mc Feely, as they expressed themselves in a

podcast of the Empire magazine and announced their concerns about the theory. They are

quoted as follows:

"Thanos could take a punch from the Hulk, we've seen that. And it stands to reason his

whole body is at least as strong as that. If Ant-Man expanded, he would be simply crushed

against the immovable walls of Thanos' mighty rectum."

At least now it is clear that this fan theory probably would not have worked out and

we're all now as far as the rectum of Thanos is concerned a little bit smarter.

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