The Devil in the White City: Keanu Reeves in Talks for Lead Role in Thriller Series

Leonardo DiCaprio was originally intended for the role

by Pierre Lorenz on January 5, 2022

Keanu Reeves is starring in "Matrix: Resurrections" which is currently in theaters. Especially die-hard fans of the now four-part film series were pretty disappointed by the story and it is not doing much better at the box office. The reasons may be debatable, yet for Keanu Reeves it will definitely continue with the production of "John Wick 4", while another project with Reeves in the leading role could soon be on the horizon as well. The talk is of the series "The Devil in the White City", which is to be an adaptation of the book of the same name by Erik Larson. Originally, Leonardo DiCaprio was set to play the lead role. However, as Deadline magazine now reports, Keanu Reeves is believed to be in negotiations with the people in charge. At the heart of the originally true story are the two men Daniel H. Burnham and Henry H. Holmes. Whereas Burnham is an excellent architect with great vision, the charming doctor Holmes is in reality a cold-blooded serial killer, sometimes referred to as the first of his kind in the United States. Most fans hope that Reeves will embody exactly this serial killer and that another candidate will be found to cast Burnham. He would then also follow in the direct footsteps of Leonardo DiCaprio, who bought the rights to the book series back in 2010 and wanted to play Holmes himself in a movie adaptation. In the meantime, many things have changed, especially the complex story from the time of the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 is no longer to be told in a condensed form in a film, but more extensively in a series. In fact, Scorsese, who was originally supposed to direct, is now working behind the scenes as a producer, just like his colleague DiCaprio. However, with "Little Children" director Todd Field, a new man has already been found to direct. When and with which other actors the series will be shot and whether Reeves will even sign the contract remains to be seen.

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