The Alien vs Predator Anime Series is Completed

It is still unclear whether it will be released at all

by Pierre Lorenz on May 24, 2023

There is currently a lot going on in the "Alien" franchise: For example, a new film is currently being shot in Budapest, and one or possibly even two series are in the works. The last installment, "Alien: Covenant" from 2017, was received with mixed feelings. Therefore, many are eager to see how and whether the series can reinvent itself and return to old familiar quality. Now it became known that another series has even been completed - but Disney is simply keeping it under wraps.

It's a project that no one had on their radar until now: an anime series titled "Alien vs. Predator". In a recent episode of the Perfect Organism podcast, producer Joshua Izzo spoke about the series, saying that it was indeed true that the series had been ready for a long time, yet Disney didn't seem to show any interest in it. As an outsider, it is difficult to judge the reason, since nothing is known about the exact content of the series, except that the plot is set sometime after the "Alien vs. Predator" movie. Izzo also revealed nothing about when the series was commissioned by 20th Century Fox, which now belongs to Disney, and how long the production lasted. From his statements, one can at a minimum roughly assume that it happened prior to the release of "Alien: Covenant".

At least he was able to announce one interesting piece of info, and that was the originally intended release of "Alien vs. Predator". In fact, those responsible planned to release the ten episodes on DVD to avoid both the streaming services and a TV broadcast. Since this is extremely unusual for top-class productions, it raises the question of the actual quality of the ten episodes and whether it might be too low to be released under the Disney brand.

It is unclear if Disney will still release the series or if it may never reach the public. At least some "Alien" fans might be interested, especially since the anime style would be a change from previous works in the franchise. We'll keep you posted should there be any further developments.