Christopher Nolan with new masterpiece next yea

Does the movie go in the same direction as "Inception"?

by Robin Klaiber on March 10, 2019

It has been known since January 2019 that star director Christopher Nolan will bring his latest masterpiece to the cinemas in July next year. However, he is very reserved regarding the title as well as the content. However, he can also allow himself that, as he has earned an immortal reputation as the director of the Dark Knight trilogy, Memento or Interstellar. Production Weekly claims to know that the new film will be more in the direction of Inception and will contain some elements of Alfred Hitchcock's romance thriller North by Northwest Of course, we still don't know which elements will be taken over by the films and which won't, but for the first time it seems that a Nolan film is about to be initiated, which puts a love relationship in the center of its film. However, it's questionable if this is all true in the end, as Nolan is a master at misleading his audience.

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