Violent Night 2: Sequel is Already in the Planning Stage

The majority of those responsible return for the sequel

by Pierre Lorenz on January 26, 2023

The team around director Tommy Wirkola scored a huge success with "Violent Night". The Christmas film, which was released on December 2, 2022, is one of the more unusual representatives of its genre and even received an R-rating due to explicit violence. The movie was well received by viewers, especially lead actor and "Stranger Things" star David Harbour's performance as the grim Santa Claus was impressive.

Unsurprisingly, as The Wrap reported this week, those responsible are working on a sequel to their Christmas hit. Director Wirkola announced that he and returning screenwriters Pat Casey and Josh Miller are already discussing the future development of the sequel. In theory, there are plenty of options to further explore the "Violent Night" universe. For example, the Christmas elves and the North Pole were barely given any attention. It can also be expected that David Harbour will return in front of the camera and put his fighting skills to the test in a Christmas setting once again. Whether he might be protecting another family's home next time, or whether a completely new approach will be taken, remains to be seen. However, fans of the first part should not expect a release in this pre-Christmas season, because the arrangements will certainly need some more time. We do consider a release in the coming year to be realistic, though.

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