Lilo & Stitch: Director for Disney Remake Found

The long announced project is slowly making progress

by Pierre Lorenz on July 16, 2022

We have known about Disney's upcoming "Lilo & Stitch" film remake since 2018. However, not a lot has happened in the past four years. This might now gradually change, because as Coming Soon reports, a director has meanwhile been found. The talk is of newcomer Dean Fleischer-Camp, who received some critical acclaim with the bizarre film "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On". He thus takes over from "Crazy Rich Asians" director Jon M. Chu, who was originally in talks to direct the movie. The script writer is not officially known yet, but Disney is said to be in final talks with Chris K.T. Bright, who was part of the extended crew of 2016's "Moana". Apart from that, however, he is still quite a dark horse in Hollywood. 

The original movie of the same name, "Lilo & Stitch", dates back to 2002 and was a huge hit for Disney at the time. The story revolves around a lonely Hawaiian girl named Lilo, who happens to encounter the aggressive little creature Stitch one day. Stitch escaped from a cruel experiment on the planet Turo and soon wins Lilo's heart. At the same time, however, she is unaware of Stitch's destructive powers.

Disney has not yet given a release date for the remake, but we will keep you up to date!

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