Transformers 6 and Bumblebee 2

Apparently two Transformers movies in the making

by Pierre Lorenz on January 28, 2020

After the rather moderate financial success of Bumblebee, it looked for a long time as if there were no plans for a successor in the foreseeable future. However, as the Hollywood Reporter now reports, Hasbro and Paramount are working together on two new Transformers films. Amazing Spiderman author James Vanderbilt and John Wick 3 Executive Producer Joby Harold have been hired for this. What is not yet known, however, is in which direction the two films will go. Transformer's producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura spoke in the past of the plan to make a Bumblebee Sequel much more action-packed. Regarding a possible Transformers Part 6, a reboot seems to be impossible in any case, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

We are curious what Vanderbilt and Harold have in mind for the Transformers franchise and will keep you updated on this.

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