Now confirmed: Vin Diesel is shooting "Bloodshot" Sequel

Diesel once again embodies Ray Garrison

by Pierre Lorenz on November 9, 2020

"Bloodshot" with Vin Diesel was released this year just days before cinemas around the world closed their doors. Therefore, the film about the immortal elite soldier Ray Garrison performed badly at the box office. Contrary to expectations, however, the film was surprisingly well received and as a result was very often bought and viewed via Video On Demand, which prompted DMG Entertainment to initiate a sequel. In terms of content, the nanotechnology-equipped and quasi-immortal elite soldier will continue to try to track down his "creator", the RST Corporation. Garrison can heal himself completely by using the advanced technology, however, the ruthless organization also controls the thoughts and brain of the killing machine. The groundwork for the film will probably be once again the comic series Bloodshot, but how exactly DMG

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