The Batman spinoff: New DC series from "Sopranos" maker Terence Winter is coming

Together with "The Batman" the series could mark the beginning of the new universe

by Pierre Lorenz on July 11, 2020

As Variety and other major US magazines report, "The Batman" will not only stand on its own, but mark the beginning of a new DC universe. Next to the blockbuster, a DC crime series by "Sopranos" maker Terence will be produced. The name hasn't been officially decided yet, but the title "Gotham Central" is currently in the news. In terms of content, the main focus will be on the vigilantes in Gotham City, which is why we can very well imagine Jeffrey Wright's appearance as commissioner Gordon. Also, the series is supposed to more or less directly tie in with "The Batman" and not tell the story of the boy or teenager Bruce Wayne like the five-season series "Gotham".

In view of the engagement of "Sopranos" and "Boardwalk Empire" maker Terence Winter, a less overexcited performance than in the "Gotham" series can be expected. The series will be featured on the upcoming US streaming service HBO Max, but a release date has not yet been set.

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