After part 9: Fast and Furious 10 shall be divided into two films

The hype about the series seems to continue

by Pierre Lorenz on February 5, 2020

In May this year, the ninth part of the very successful Fast and Furious franchise will be released. The hype around the action-packed movies, which are more or less about cars, doesn't seem to stop, at least financially. In an interview, leading actor Vin Diesel now revealed a few details about the future of the films. According to his own statement, the production of Fast and Furious 10 has already started. In view of the immense success of the series, he even went so far as to say that future spin-offs are practically inevitable. Diesel already gave a small foretaste at the end of last month, when he announced a Fast and Furious with an all-female cast. In the interview he also mentioned that Fast and Furious 10 might at least be the end of the main movies and that the final film will be released in two parts. If this is true, we will probably find out after the release of the ninth part on May 22st, 2020.

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