Amazon: Prime Video Gets a Visual Makeover

For instance, the layout will be adjusted to Netflix and other providers

by Pierre Lorenz on July 19, 2022

The competition in the streaming business is extremely tough, and so the respective providers must always try to surpass others. While Amazon has had a respectable streaming catalog for a long time, the visual presentation has clearly been lacking. No matter if via tablet, computer or gaming console: The overview was always Amazon's biggest drawback compared to Disney+ or Netflix. After many years, the people in charge seem to have finally realized this. As has now been announced, the interface will be completely revamped. The horizontal menu at the top of the screen will now move to the left side, just as we are used to from other providers. In addition, the thumbnails will be given more space, there will be more preview images, and a blue checkmark will make it easier to see which content is available for free and which ones are subject to a fee. There are many more features that will be released gradually on Smart TVs, Android and Fire TVs in the coming weeks. All other devices will receive the update at a later date, unfortunately. It remains to be seen how good the update really is at the end of the day and whether they manage to redesign the confusing layout satisfactorily.

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