Chris Rock Directs a Remake of Thomas Vinterberg's "Another Round"

Leonardo DiCaprio will act as producer

by Jonas Reichel on January 31, 2024

Cheers! The Danish Oscar hit "Another Round" is to receive an American remake, which will be directed by Chris Rock.

Directed by Thomas Vinterberg, the drama "Another Round" not only won over critics and viewers, but was also awarded the Oscar for Best International Feature Film in 2021. The story about a group of friends who embark on a daring experiment was so popular that Hollywood is now working on its own adaptation of the material. According to Deadline, comedian Chris Rock will be responsible for directing the remake. An unusual choice, after all, Rock is mainly known for his stand-ups and a number of comedies. However, in combination with superstar Leonardo DiCaprio, who will produce the film, this casting should be quite interesting.

Whether the remake can match the qualities of the original remains to be seen. There is currently no information on a possible cast or the start of filming.