Good news for "Spongebob" fans: Patrick gets his own series

Besides "Kamp Koral" this is already the second " Spongebob" spinoff

by Pierre Lorenz on August 10, 2020

For over 21 years now, the world's most famous sponge has been entertaining not only children but also adults worldwide with his uncomplicated humour. After it became known some time ago that with "Kamp Koral" a first spinoff about spongebobs youth is already in the works, fans can now look forward to a new announcement: Spongebob's sidekick "Patrick Star" will be dedicated a separate series. According to an insider of Deadline the series will be called "The Patrick Star Show" and will be a homage to "The Larry Sanders Show" from the 90s. With this the scatterbrained starfish will become the host of his own late night show, and another aspect should not be neglected, namely Patricks family. Of course, other characters of the "Spongebob" franchise will most likely also appear in the 13 planned episodes. A release date for "The Patrick Show" is unfortunately not fixed at this time.

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